Welcome To 自由行 101 – 旅遊的璐

Welcome to my travel blog site! Thank you for coming! You may wonder why I want to start my travel blog.  In advance, each blog I published will have 2 versions.  They are in English and Chinese, because I know that some English is not very good, so I provide both English and Chinese.

Just a little introduce and explain about my theme which is 自由行101 – 旅遊的璐. 自由行101 is defined as the freedom trip and journey that I ever had in my life where touched me. Also, 旅遊的璐 is referred to the journal of tourism as well as the tourism of my name which is called Travel queen Victoria. It is reasonable that I wrote 旅遊的璐 instead of 旅遊的路, it is because it was according to my Chinese name. To combine together, that would be travel freely in the journal of your holidays inspired by TravelQueen4ever.

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歡迎來到我的旅行博客網站! 謝謝您的光臨! 您可能想知道為什麼我要開始我的旅行博客。 事先,我發布的每個博客都會有2個版本。 它們是英文和中文版本,因為我知道有些英文不是很好,所以我提供英文和中文兩種語言。

我想跟大家介紹和解釋一下我的博客主題,即自由行101 – 旅遊的璐。 自由行101被定義為我一生中接觸過我的自由之旅。 另外,旅遊的璐也被稱為旅遊學期刊,也被稱為旅遊女王維多利亞。 我寫旅遊的璐而不是旅遊的路是合理的,因為這是根據我的中文名字。 結合在一起,可以在您的假期日記中自由旅行,其靈感來自 TravelQueen4ever.

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My mission is to inspire young people to explore around the world and to show people more of my experience about the local foods, sighseeing, cultures as well as the adventure tours. In addition, I would advice those reaching out to me and giving some travel tip with tourist attractions. For instances, there will be more of my travel blog based on my travel experience in the travel blog tap which on the top of the page.

我的任務是激發年輕人探索世界各地,並向人們展示我對當地美食,名勝古蹟,文化以及探險之旅的更多經驗。 此外,我會建議那些伸出援手並給我一些旅遊景點的小費。 例如,根據我在頁面頂部旅行博客中的旅行經驗,將會有更多旅行博客。

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