Taiwanese Pastry “Suncake”

Suncakes original flavors

A Suncake, or Taiyang Bing, is a popular Taiwanese traditional dessert originally from the city of Taichung, Taiwan. The typical fillings consist of maltose (condensed malt sugar), and they are usually sold in the special gift boxes as souvenirs for visitors. Some famous Suncake pastry shops always have long lines of people waiting to buy a box of Suncakes. Suncakes are round in Taiwan, and they may vary in size. They are characterized by flaky crusts. Most people eat them with Chinese tea, and some people dissolve them in hot water to make a porridge-like dessert. You can get the Suncake from any souvenirs shop or even in the food courts surround Taiwan.

A box of Suncakes

Some read my blog may think how the box of Suncakes looked like? Well, the box looked like the pictures shown above. There is 12 Suncakes per box and it costs NT$280 per box which is good. Taiyang Bing is just like the pineapples cake which is popular and people always buy as many as possible to bring back home as a souvenirs for their friends.

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