Ningxia Night Market 寧夏夜市

Are you a food lover? Ningxia Night Market is considered as a smaller scale food street compared to the other prominent ones like Shilin and Rao he market, it doesn’t lose out in the food aspect.

The NingXia Night Market Taipei is a traditional and popular night market for locals and visitors alike. Local Taipei residents continue to come back to Ning Xia for a few popular foods.

There is quite a variety of offerings, and both tourists and locals are here for its Fried Taro Cake, friend Yam Balls, Oyster Omelette, Pork Liver Soup, Chicken Rice, Braised Pork Rice, Fried Bee Hoon, Mochi Balls, slurp some herb soup, nibble on pork leg rice, try tofu snacks, and devour oyster pancakes.

The whole stretch is about 150 metres long, with stalls lining on both sides. So while the crowd can be overwhelming, and walking spaces cramped during dinner hours, navigation up and down would still be relatively easier. 

Ningxia Night Market serves up many types of Taiwanese street food, and the notable fact is that many shops around have a history of at least 40 – 50 years. If you are not fussy or overly indulgent on food, I can suggest you dedicate about 1 to 2 hours here.

How to get there? From Red Line Shuanglian (雙連) MRT station, Exit 1, take a left onto Minsheng West Road (民生西路) heading west. Walk for about 6-8 mins, and the night market will be on the left side.

For instance, if you have not been to NingXia Night Market in Taipei, you should go there one day to have a try. I would suggest you to get some traditional food in this market. 🙂

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