The Metz Cafe Bar

The best restaurant

Are you a pizzas lover? Do you love Italian foods? The Metz is the best Italian restaurant in Tasmania. It is located in the Launceston Tasmania and it is located in the central Launceston on the corner of York & St John Streets. It is the restaurant that I never expected and experience before. The most popular food in the Metz Restaurant is Pizza.

When was my first day arrived to Launceston Tasmania, i was staying at the 2 bedroom apartment. I went to the Metz restaurant for my dinner on the same days. It took me for 20 minutes to walk all the way to the Metz cafes for my dinner. I was very surprise that this is the best Italian Restaurant in town.

Best Pasta ever

This is a best Italian pasta that i never experience in my life. It is a very creamy and tasty. When i went there awhile ago, it cost me around $25 per pasta dishes. It is costly but worth to try once in awhile.

They really had create an experience with exceptional service combined with delicious food that has been locally sourced and carefully prepared by their team of passionate and creative chefs.

They have designed their space so I could relax, take a moment for myself or with friends to enjoy their great food and beverages. 

Best dishes ever

This is their most popular dishes in the Metz Restaurant. The pizza that was on my hand is called Pollo Barbeque. It is cost $27. The taste was very delicious and crispy. What is on the pizzas? There is bbq sauce, pineapple, bacon, chicken, spanish onions as so on. I love it very much, especially is the delicious foodies.

The pizzas that on the dining table is a seafood pizzas. It cost $30 per dish. The taste pretty much like delicious seafood and very tasty which i love it. There is prawn, tomatoes sauce and squid. The taste is very different with other Western restaurant.

Lastly, i do highly recommended to have a try whenever you will be in the Launceston Tasmania. It was the best Italian Restaurant in Tassie.

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