LuoDong Night Market

Luodong Night Market is located in Luodong Town, The Yilan City of Taiwan, and its scope extends to Minsheng Road, Minquan Road, Gongyuan Road, and Xingdong Road. It is one of the best place for locals to go shopping and have fun in Luodong City. Minquan Road, Gongyuan Road, and Xingdong Road form a square shape, which is the center of local shopping and shopping, driving the development of the surrounding business circles; Luodong Night Market sells a variety of traditional snacks and commodities, cheap clothing stores, shoe stores, and snack bars And so on, as well as dragon and phoenix legs, Taiwanese salty braised meat, stuffed rice balls, etc. are all well-known snack dishes in Taiwan, among which the meat soup pan is the most famous, and the unique flavor of meat rolls has become famous in the state banquet dishes, and it has become a famous snack dish in Taiwan. The store with strong business has attracted many people to taste it.

Luodong Night Market’s famous snacks spread far and wide

Luodong Night Market becomes more beautiful at night, and the most famous snack street is almost all concentrated around Luodong Park, commonly known as park snacks, presenting an H-shaped distribution; there are Zhang Xiuxiong’s salted rice mochi, Li Fu’s smoked duck, Chen Tingzhi The chicken meat, Li Zaideng’s meat soup, dragon and phoenix legs, tofu rolls, rice noodle soup, seafood, etc., are cheap and big bowls, and they are indeed the best choice for local people for supper.

Food Recommendations

According to the photo shown above, it is the Taiwan traditional foods in Taiwan must have try. When you visit this Luodong Night Market at Yilan, i would recommended you to try the oyster omelete. It is one of the popular food in Yilan. It’s tasted very delicious. I love the Oyster omelete and the goat meat noodles soup. The goat meat is very tasty and it is exactly the same with beef noodles soup.

Snowflake ice is basically white and has a light sweet taste. It needs to be paired with other desserts to make it more delicious. Snowflake ice is just the foundation, and the ingredients are relatively novel and varied. Mian Mian Bing Mian Mian Bing is also a Taiwanese ice product. The ice itself has been mixed with various flavors, so it can be enjoyed alone, and it tastes softer than other ice products, like a compact version of marshmallow, which looks like cotton wool Same, layer upon layer, thread upon thread.
I love to eat the mango flavour snowflake ice and the vanila with the pearls. 

If you had a chance to visit Taiwan, I do highly recommended to visit the Luodong Night Market in Yilan t try some locals snacks foods and traditional foods that you can't get from elsewhere.


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